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DPE was founded in 1997 by Mr. Daniel Orgal, the chief developer and general-manager. 

In DPE Medical we are well aware of the physical and mental difficulties that accompany the stairs rehabilitation process and of the need for tailor-made sessions, especially climbing stairs rehabilitation.

Most of the company's workers, including the chief developer and general-manager, are disabled men who have benefited from the world of rehabilitation. 

The company's goal is to take the field of physiotherapy one step forward. The products are designed to provide innovative solutions to known and difficult situations such as the duration of the stairs rehabilitation process; individualizing it according to the patient's needs; efficiency; comfort, independent and easy utilization.

We see the direct and continuous connection with our customers as one of the important channels for detecting the daily problems of rehabilitation, and to help develop proper solutions accordingly.   Moreover it helps us keep a continuous check on new improvements,  and accessories for our products.

These days our products are already extensively improving the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


The Story Behind the DST

The Result of First-hand Experience

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention".

The Dynamic Stair Trainer was invented by Daniel Orgal.

During the years 1993-1996 Daniel underwent extensive physical rehabilitation after being struck down by a virus that attacked his neurological system.

During his rehabilitation process, Daniel discovered that relearning how to climb and descend stairs was a formidable task. In addition, he found that using a conventional stair case puts added pressure on a patient who can only raise his legs by one or two centimeters. Consequently Daniel made it his goal to invent a user-friendly, electronically operated, adjustable stair case capable of meeting all the stairs rehabilitation needs of each stage of recovery.

During his final stages of recovery Daniel completed his personal stairs rehabilitation process by exercising on the first prototype of his invention!

"Today", says Daniel, "When DPE Medical develops new products, I always remember how it felt to be a helpless patient. This memory drives us to make the utmost effort to deliver products that will help physiotherapists and patients on their road to recovery".


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