CSRC - Convertible Stair Ramp Curb

CSRC- Convertible Stair Ramp Curb

This accessory enables to add a curb to the RSR

Benefits of the CSRC:
  • Includes all benefits of the RSR.

  • Improves floor-to-ramp transition of patients.

  • Presents a practice curb.

  • Enable patients having difficulties handling slopes, to practice on the DST without walking on a slope surface.

General information:
  • The DST comes with a standard slope of 60 cm. (23.6 Inch) long and of 12 degrees of incline.

  • The CSRC, in raised position extends flat walking distance by 60%.

  • The CSRC can be purchased separately and assembled to the DST by the customer.

DST – 8000
DST with CSRC and LHR – General view DST with CSRC – Video



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