Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000

Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000

For 15 years, this remarkable Dynamic Stair Trainer has helped millions of patients throughout the world to return to their daily life.

Dynamic stair case:

It is the only staircase trainer that helps patients train stair climbing.

The ability to adjust the height of the stairs to the patient's current ability and gradually increase the height between the stairs as the patient progress is the key factor in the enormous success of this product.


  • Reciprocal ascension of stairs.

  • Increased patient motivation.

  • Independent practice.

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The Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000 can accommodate patients who weigh up to 270 Kg (600 Lib






Shipment dimensions:

210x104x72cm (83x42x30in)


250Kg (550 lbs)

Stair width (regular):

74 cm (29 inches)

Stair height range:

0-16.5 cm (0-6.5 inches)

Capacity (static):

300 Kg  (660 lbs)

Electrical requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4A max

Operating interval:

2 min on / 18 min off

Regulatory compliance:

IEC 601-1 CE, UL (motor, controls)

Worldwide patent; Color, design and spec’ may vary


Max Length: with regular slope: 250 cm./98.5 in.

with RSR: 280 cm./110 in.

with LHR: 310 cm./122 in


Max Width: 90 cm./35.5 in.




Por este conducto hago constar las excelentes experiencias que hemos obtenido con el equipo Dynamic Stair Trainer. Este equipo ha sido utilizado por nuestros terapeutas para el tratamiento de pacientes con padecimien...

Lic.T.F Margot E. Rivera Garduno
Jefe Fisioterapia y Rehabilitacion
Dec 20, 2005

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