Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000 Pro

Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000 -Pro

The scientific way to keep in step

For the first time, stairs-training can be monitored and documented.

The Computerized DST monitors, tracks and displays patient's performance in past and current treatment sessions, with a clear, objective and accurate Personal Chart of Progress – a document, generated automatically by the DST-System.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Monitors, records and displays patient's performance in past and current treatment sessions. Recorded data includes treatment dates, height of stairs, and patient's time frames for ascents and descents.

  • With a click of a button, patient’s progress is displayed as a chart including all past sessions.

  • Generates progress charts for the patient, with the option to email results to medical staff for review and evaluation.

  • Creates a clear and objective document for physiotherapists, patients, physicians and insurance providers, to evaluate patient's stairs usage and gait capabilities.

  • Creates a patient's "DST Factor", a unique parameter conveniently summarizing the patient's current status and estimated potential for future improvement.


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Medical institutions and health care professionals gain an invaluable database of thousands of Personal Progress Charts, each containing accumulated data of individual patients' progress, according to age, pathology, and treatment duration. The database is extremely beneficial for a variety of studies and scientific research.





Shipment dimensions:

220x104x85cm (87x42x33in)


280Kg (617 lbs)

Stair width (regular):

74 cm (29 inches)

Stair height range:

0-16.5 cm (0-6.5 inches)

Capacity (static):

300 Kg  (660 lbs)

Electrical requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4A max

Operating interval:

2 min on / 18 min off

Regulatory compliance:

IEC 601-1 CE, UL (motor, controls)

Worldwide patent; Color, design and spec’ may vary


Max Length: with regular slope: 250 cm./98.5 in.

with RSR: 280 cm./110 in.

with LHR: 310 cm./122 in


Max Width: 90 cm./35.5 in.



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