LHR – Long Hand Rail

LHR - Long Hand Rail

This accessory consists of two long handrails, The LHR can be fixed or can be width adjustable

Benefits of the LHR:
  • Adds 36 cm. (14 Inch) to the total length of the DST's handrails.

  • Enhance an important feature of the DST to be used as a parallel bar device at its horizontal position.

  • Allows better and closer hand grip for patients who need support in standing up from a wheelchair before practicing on the DST.

General information:
  • The DST comes with 2 regular hand rails.

  • The LHR comes with 2 special lateral reinforcements to ensure stability.

  • The LHR comes in pairs at 3 different setups:

  • Two long width fixed hand rails.

  • Two long width fixed hand rails.

  • Two long width-adjustable hand rails.

DST – 8000
DST – 8000 Compact

DST with LHR– General view



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