WAH- Width Adjustable Hand rail

WAH - Width Adjustable Hand Rail

This accessory is a handrail that can be adjusted horizontally

Benefits of the WAH:
  • Allows to adjust the width between the hand rails.

  • Allows very young children and seniors patients to practice on the DST with full confidence and safety.

  • Each WAH can decrease or increase the width between the hand rails by 12 cm. (4.7 Inch).

General information:
  • The DST comes with 2 hand rails that can be adjusted vertically.

  • The WAH can be added on one side of the DST or on both sides.

  • One or two WAH can purchase with the DST or can be added later on by the customer.

DST – 8000
DST – 8000 Compact

DST with WAH– General view

DST with WAH– Video





We have been using the DST exerciser in our institute for the past year. We would like to say that the exerciser is very user-friendly and easy to operate, both for the physiotherapist and for the patient. The dev...

Nava Herschkovitz, Head Physiotherapist
Shoham Geriatric Center
Jun 23, 2002

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