WAH- Width Adjustable Hand rail

WAH - Width Adjustable Hand Rail

This accessory is a handrail that can be adjusted horizontally

Benefits of the WAH:
  • Allows to adjust the width between the hand rails.

  • Allows very young children and seniors patients to practice on the DST with full confidence and safety.

  • Each WAH can decrease or increase the width between the hand rails by 12 cm. (4.7 Inch).

General information:
  • The DST comes with 2 hand rails that can be adjusted vertically.

  • The WAH can be added on one side of the DST or on both sides.

  • One or two WAH can purchase with the DST or can be added later on by the customer.

DST – 8000
DST – 8000 Compact

DST with WAH– General view

DST with WAH– Video





I’m recovering from a heart attack, at first i couldn't walk let alone climb steps. Then they tried me on the DST, it was like being in a gym. On the first day i was up one centimeter, by the fifth day, I was u...

Cameron Leyton
Nov 08, 2012

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