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Maximize self reliance with physical therapy

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Patient testimonial:
heartAttackTestimonial“I’m recovering from a heart attack, at first i couldn't walk let alone climb steps. Then they tried me on the DST, it was like being in a gym. On the first day i was up one centimeter, by the fifth day, I was up to five! The DST really helped me!”

After an injury, many patients feel like its the “end of the world”, they can’t function like they used to, they get frustrated and the return to everyday life seems far away and very difficult. For many patients, the problem is not only physical but also mental. They are scared that after the trauma they have been to, they will stay like this for life.

Unfortunately, many physio departments around the world lack the basic training equipment to help patients recover fully and quickly. A PT or DPT that his physio department is under equipped may be also less motivated to help his patients fully recover. You can literally see that shortage in equipment causes patients to check-out and return home unprepared to continue with their lives and be self reliance again.

Maximizing self reliance can only be achieved by a total balance, stairs and gait training solutions.

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Physical Therapy - The Fast Track

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Physical Therapy aims to help, treat and restore damaged muscles. Thru physical and mental exercises, a patient can rise from a state of pain and motionless and can be rehabilitated.

A quality physiotherapist and a full physio department is key for the rehabilitation of patients.

Many patients who suffer from injury or sickness that need physical therapy tend to get discouraged when they hear that the hospital doesn’t have a DST 8000 device at their physio department.

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