A Letter to the Physiotherapist

DPE Medical is proud to present the Dynamic Stair Trainer

The Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST is a progressive rehabilitation medical equipment designed to retrain the gradual use of stair climbing skills in order to regain mobility and independence.

The device consists of four stairs whose height can be altered electronically. The physiotherapist can set the height between the stairs according to patients’ abilities and then gradually increase it depending on their progress. Thus patients can start training stairs as soon as they can stand up and take their first steps. The Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST improves patients’ motivation as they can see the height which is clearly marked on the device. Patients can visually view the progress towards their goal, namely the ability to mount standard stairs.

Our experience shows that both the patient and physiotherapist ultimately prefer the Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST compared to all other medical equipment, instruments and units in the physiotherapy hall. We have witnessed many cases of patients coming to train on the Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST by themselves after hours. The patients realize the direct link between their ability to climb stairs and the prospect of being discharged home swiftly without severe restrictions on their mobility and independence.

The possibility of adjusting the height between the stairs avoids the terrible frustration that the patient (and the physiotherapist) encounter when they cannot mount standard stairs.

The Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST is suitable for different kinds of rehabilitation.  The railings on both sides are also adjustable according to height and width. A further advantage is that the Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST in its horizontal-flat position can be multi-used as parallel bars.

We are convinced that the Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST will make an immense contribution towards your patients’ rehabilitation along with a more effective and efficient use of the physiotherapist's workload and time.


Daniel Orgal

Inventor of the DST and CEO of DPE Medical  Ltd.




The apparatus has been in daily use at the Herzog Hospital Institute of Physiotherapy for the past eighteen months and it is hard for us today to understand how we ever managed without it. The ability to adjust the...

Herzog physiotherapy staff
Herzog Memorial Hospital
Jun 29, 2003

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