DST for Children

Dynamic Stair Trainer for Children

We find that more and more of our Dynamic Stair Trainer units (DST 8000, DST 8000 Compact) are used by rehabilitation centers for children.

Children all over the world enjoy priority when the resources of healthcare are distributed among the needy population. The main reason is that children benefit the most from intensive stair rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment. The Dynamic Stair Trainer plays a significant role in rehabilitation for children, and is warmly embraced by physiotherapists who work with them.

Our experience shows that the Dynamic Stair Trainer can be used by children as young as four years of age.  

The DST is user friendly and children of all ages love to go up and down the stairs (as you can see at the video below). The handrails' wide range of adjustments (both height and width can be adjusted, see WAH- Width Adjustable Hand rail) enables safe and suitable exercise environment for every child.

After working on the Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST children's confidence to negotiate stairs increases dramatically as they have experience success when ascending and descending on the DST.


The Dynamic Stair Trainer for children with Cerebral Palsy


The movie below displays in the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation CPIRF site. In there you can witness the best demonstration for the use of the Dynamic Stair Trainer for children with Cerebral Palsy. CPIRF provides financial support to rigorously reviewed, scientifically important research relevant to cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. CPIRF also provides medical expertise as requested by other organizations. CPIRF serves as a resource for the international public, clinicians and policy-makers about best health care practices, prevention and curative strategies for cerebral palsy.





The apparatus has been in daily use at the Herzog Hospital Institute of Physiotherapy for the past eighteen months and it is hard for us today to understand how we ever managed without it. The ability to adjust the...

Herzog physiotherapy staff
Herzog Memorial Hospital
Jun 29, 2003

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