DST for the Elderly

Dynamic Stair Trainer for the Elderly

The Patient Way to Keep In Step

As one gets older the quality of life is based on mundane activities such as going to the theater, taking a stroll in the park, or visiting family and friends.  Such activities require an elderly person to be independently mobile.  A crucial part of this is the ability to confront stairs, which one finds are practically everywhere.
The elderly person's fitness and ability to negotiate stairs successfully affects almost every aspect of his everyday life. In extreme cases, an elderly person might not be able to cross the road safely because of the difficulty of mounting a pavement.

The Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST main objective is to train people to use stairs. Elderly people can start training gradually according to their physical abilities. Later on they can increase the height between the steps until they reach the standard height. Both the Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000 and the Dynamic Stair Trainer Compact are suited for elderly rehabilitation.

Occasionally elderly people suffer a trauma of some kind as the result of a fall, or a weakness due to illness, etc. They lose their confidence and find themselves in a vicious circle, insecurity leads to avoiding stairs. By avoiding stairs they reduce their fitness, mobility, quality of life, and so on.

The Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST helps people emerge from that vicious circle. It is a user-friendly device, older people can set the desired height according to their comfort and eventually attain the physical fitness and confidence required for standard stairs.

The world's population is getting older. The need to exercise our stair-climbing skills increases as we get older. Therefore a  Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST machine must be accessible for daily practice to all senior people wherever they are. Click here to See all the Dynamic Stair Trainer Benefits.





I’m recovering from a heart attack, at first i couldn't walk let alone climb steps. Then they tried me on the DST, it was like being in a gym. On the first day i was up one centimeter, by the fifth day, I was u...

Cameron Leyton
Nov 08, 2012

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