by: Cameron Leyton

I’m recovering from a heart attack, at first i couldn't walk let alone climb steps. Then they tried me on the DST, it was like being in a gym. On the first day i was up one centimeter, by the fifth day, I was up to five! The DST really helped me!

Jefe Fisioterapia y Rehabilitacion

by: Lic.T.F Margot E. Rivera Garduno

Por este conducto hago constar las excelentes experiencias que hemos obtenido con el equipo Dynamic Stair Trainer.

Este equipo ha sido utilizado por nuestros terapeutas para el tratamiento de pacientes con padecimiento s ortopédicos y neurologicos, proporcionandonos la oportunidad de medir el progreso funcional de nuestros pacientes. De igual forma le ha proporcionado a los pacientes a oportunidad de ver de forma objetiva su avance.

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by: Iris Sander, Acting Director of Physiotherapy Services

The DST Dynamic Stair Trainer has been in use in the physiotherapy department for the past eight months.

The apparatus is used to allow patients recovering from a stroke, brain damage, trauma and orthopedic injury to practice going up and down stairs

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Herzog Memorial Hospital

by: Nava and the physiotherapist staff of Herzog Memorial Hospital

The apparatus has been in daily use at the Herzog Hospital Institute of Physiotherapy for the past eighteen months and it is hard for us today to understand how we ever managed without it. The ability to adjust the steps and change their height enables step practice for patients whose range of movement and muscle strength are not yet sufficient to manage the regular step height (16.5 cm). It is possible to make progress with each patient on an individual basis, according to his ability.

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